Vapour Blasting Adelaide

Differences Between Vapour Blasting, Sandblasting and UHP Cleaning

Vapour blasting is a term that is commonly used to describe the process of wet abrasive blasting (although you might also see it described as liquid honing, vapour honing, dustless blasting, wet blasting or slurry blasting). As well as there being several interchangeable terms used to describe the process, in some people’s minds there is likewise no distinction between vapour blasting, sandblasting and UHP cleaning.

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Abrasive Blasting for Ships and Boats in Adelaide

What’s the Difference Between Abrasive Blasting and UHP Cleaning?

Both of these processes tend to be known by a variety of names. For instance, the terms sandblasting, slurry blasting, grit blasting or simply abrasive blasting are very often used for the process that is more correctly known as wet abrasive blasting. Likewise, high pressure water cleaning is also referred to as waterblasting, hydrojetting, hydroblasting, high pressure cleaning or UHP hydroblasting (ultra high pressure hydroblasting).

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