Wet abrasive blasting using the Quill Falcon Kwikblast System removes all types of road and pavement markings, both from the surface and from any cavities or depressions.

This is achieved without producing fumes, smoke or excessive dust, and results in a road surface that is profiled to your specifications but remains unscorched and unscarred. This is because the Quill Falcon Kwikblast system is a precision dustless blasting system which combines the simplicity of conventional grit blasting with the effectiveness of ultra high pressure (UHP) jetting without the associated hazards and complications.

Wet abrasive blasting is effective for all types of line marking removal

The Quill Falcon Kwikblast System quickly and effectively removes all types of markings from road and pavement surfaces, including:

  • permanent and temporary thermoplastic paint
  • temporary road marking tape
  • surface dressing emulsion
  • resin-based paints
  • anti skid surfacing

Uses for wet abrasive blasting

  • road markings
  • airport runways
  • car parks
  • pavements and footpaths
  • walkways

Wet abrasive blasting is suitable for use on all surfaces

  • bitumen
  • asphalt
  • concrete
  • brick
  • metal
  • steel
  • timber
  • PVC

Wet abrasive blasting cleans but doesn’t damage surfaces

Surfaces are not gouged or dished when markings are removed using wet abrasive blasting, nor is aggregate blasted away, and so this means that surfaces do not need resurfacing or additional maintenance when markings have been removed.

Adelaide Line Marking Removal | Abrasive Blasting
Abrasive blasting removes all types of road markings from roads and pathways

Adelaide Removing Line Markings
Old and flaking road marking paint is removed quickly using abrasive blasting

Adelaide removal of old line markings
Tyre and rubber marks can removed quickly and effectively damaging the surface