AURORA V is a Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship based in Wallaroo, carrying wheeled cargo between Wallaroo on the western side of Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, and Lucky Bay on the south coast of Western Australia. AEB undertook extensive abrasive blasting and protective coating work on the vessel in July 2021.
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The SPIRIT OF KANGAROO ISLAND is a 50.6 metre car ferry operated by Sealink, taking around 240 passengers and up to 50 cars to Kangaroo Island from Cape Jervis in South Australia.
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The DOLPHIN EXPLORER takes tourists along the Port River on its renowned dolphin spotting expeditions.
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The MARIJA-L is a 22-metre trawler built in 2003 and operating out of Port Adelaide.
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The YELTA is an historic steam tug that first sailed in 1949, and is widely regarded as the last steam-powered tug operating in Australian waters.
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RIVERWIJS ISABELLE is a 27.8 x 9.1 m tug on which we undertook wet abrasive blasting and re-coating in mid-2020.
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RIVERWIJS GRACE is a 27.8 m x 9.1 m, 257 ton tug operated by Svitzer. The cleaning and re-coating work was part of a planned docking schedule.
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SEALION 2000 is a 48.8 metre catamaran car ferry used by Sealink that can take up to 378 passengers and 50 cars to Kangaroo Island, one of South Australia's most famous tourist locations.
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AUSTRALIS II is a 22-metre prawn trawler constructed by ASCI and operating out of Wallaroo.
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